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Common Sense Business Solutions for The Industry

Common Sense Business Solutions for The Industry

Our Approach – Step by Step Measurable Results

“If you keep on doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep on getting the same results”

What are your goals? Do you want to increase sales, increase profits, streamline operations, align vision and efforts with outcome, create inexpensive websites and e-mail solutions, increase web visibility…

How do you define growth and success?

Do you have solid employment agreements in place and do you have a sound plan for succession planning?

Have you considered the legacy you desire to leave after pouring your heart, sweat and soul in your business and decide  it’s time to get out?

We help you move forward to reach your defined goals one step at a time.

Investment – Management Commitment & Fees

Every Company has different needs, goals and objectives. We approach our fee structure accordingly and tailor our fees to your needs. For a company to survive and be profitable it requires unwavering Owner / Senior Management commitment to every detail of an operation. Our job is to help you clarify your vision and personal goals to assure they align with your day to day operations. We help you create a laser focus on what’s important and what’s not and to understand why your commitment to leadership is the key to success.

Getting Started – What to Expect

We identify your goals and create an agreement outlining our services and fees for a specified amount of involvement for a specific amount of time. This allows a thorough assessment of your business requirements and adequate time to achieve and measure results. We start by developing a detailed roadmap, based on management’s objectives, with specific performance benchmarks being accomplished each month. This facilitates a variety of tasks to be addressed and worked on simultaneously, and allows for each task to adapt as it progresses.

Every Company has different needs, goals and objectives and we approach our services, length of service and fees accordingly.

Why Our Approach Works

Consultants come in every shape and form. Larger enterprises trend toward hiring consultants with the master’s degrees, dark suits, polished full color brochures, and all kinds of personality testing and evaluations programs. That’s great if you think you need it and can afford it.

We think differently. We think college degrees are important and that’s why we have them. But more importantly we think years of hands own experience in the industry, working in all facets of the business and building successful, profitable and sustainable construction operations brings more to the table than flash and sizzle.

About Us

We’re not MBA’s or products of large consulting groups. We are products of the industry. Kent Leighton who leads our team has over 40 years in the industry. He has worked in every aspect of the business. He sold his highly successful company in 2006 to create, with his partner Suzanne Breistol who has 25 years in the industry, Construction Connection whose vision is to create a community where companies and individuals may increase their levels of personal and corporate success.


Our industry is at a crossroad where the economy, technology, regulations, accounting and hiring practices, business development and marketing tactics, preconstruction / estimating process, legal, safety, purchasing and field operations is in a constant state of flux – nothing is static – doing it like you used to doesn’t work anymore. Every task and action in a company requires constant reevaluation to stay current, stay ahead of the competition and maximize your potential.

Business Owners and Managers can choose to settle for the status quo and fade into the background or they can choose to adapt and prosper in these challenging times.

Remember — There may be a recession going on around you – but you can choose to participate in it or not. –

Contact us today if you would like to evaluate the present or explore the future of what your company can be. Let us appraise every aspect of your business and reevaluate your goals, streamline your processes and increase your profitability. Let’s work to gain strategic advantages over the competition and continue to grow your organization.

Kent Leighton

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